The Eurasian Scientific Journal

The Eurasian Scientific Journal accepts for publication the research articles on the following specialties:

Specialties on the «List of peer-reviewed scientific publications, in which the basic scientific results of thesis works for a doctor’s or candidate’s degree of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russia should be published» and indexed in Russian Science Citation Index:

  • 08.00.00 — Economics
    • 08.00.01 — Economic theory (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.05 — Economics and management of the national economy (by industry and field of activity) (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.10 — Finance, money circulation and credit (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.12 — Accounting, statistics (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.13 — Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.14 — The world economy (economic sciences).
  • 05.23.00 — Construction and architecture
    • 05.23.01 — Building structures, buildings and structures (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.02 — Foundations and foundations, underground structures (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.03 — Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.05 — Building materials and products (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.08 — Technology and organization of construction (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.17 — Building mechanics (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.19 — Environmental safety of construction and urban economy (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.22 — Urban planning, planning of rural settlements (technical sciences).
  • 25.00.00 Earth sciences
    • 25.00.12 — Geology, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields (technical sciences),
    • 25.00.12 — Geology, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields (geological and mineralogical sciences),
    • 25.00.17 — Development and operation of oil and gas fields (technical sciences),
    • 25.00.36 — Geoecology (by industry) (geological and mineralogical sciences),
    • 25.00.36 — Geoecology (by industry) (technical sciences).

Specialties, the publication of which is only indexed in Russian Science Citation Index:

  • 2.1.14 — Management of the life cycle of construction objects.


The Eurasian Scientific Journal

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