The Eurasian Scientific Journal

Instructions for authors

The Eurasian Scientific Journal accepts for publication the research articles on the following specialties:

Specialties on the «List of peer-reviewed scientific publications, in which the basic scientific results of thesis works for a doctor’s or candidate’s degree of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russia should be published» and indexed in Russian Science Citation Index:

  • 08.00.00 — Economics
    • 08.00.01 — Economic theory (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.05 — Economics and management of the national economy (by industry and field of activity) (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.10 — Finance, money circulation and credit (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.12 — Accounting, statistics (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.13 — Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics (economic sciences),
    • 08.00.14 — The world economy (economic sciences).
  • 05.23.00 — Construction and architecture
    • 05.23.01 — Building structures, buildings and structures (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.02 — Foundations and foundations, underground structures (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.03 — Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.05 — Building materials and products (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.08 — Technology and organization of construction (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.17 — Building mechanics (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.19 — Environmental safety of construction and urban economy (technical sciences),
    • 05.23.22 — Urban planning, planning of rural settlements (technical sciences).
  • 25.00.00 Earth sciences
    • 25.00.12 — Geology, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields (technical sciences),
    • 25.00.12 — Geology, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields (geological and mineralogical sciences),
    • 25.00.17 — Development and operation of oil and gas fields (technical sciences),
    • 25.00.36 — Geoecology (by industry) (geological and mineralogical sciences),
    • 25.00.36 — Geoecology (by industry) (technical sciences).

Specialties, the publication of which is only indexed in Russian Science Citation Index:

  • 05.13.00 — Computer science, computer facilities and management.


If you want to publish a scientific article in our journal, please use the following plan:

1. Get to know the terms and conditions of publication

We ask you to read more in detail the terms and conditions of publication in our journal, including the formal requirements for the articles and their authors. Read the terms and conditions…

2. Check out the publication fees…

Job of the open-access journals is funded by the authors, that becomes more and more common world practice. Notice that payment from the authors is charged only in the event that the article has passed reviewing and accepted for publication. Publication fees…

3. Prepare the article in accordance with the requirements of the journal

We ask you to give enough attention to this item. Developed in the journal requirements for preparing articles are intended to assist authors with provision of all the information necessary for publication to the editorial board in order to avoid a large number of additional agreements. Get to know the requirements for preparing articles…

4. Send the article to the editorial office

Send the prepared article to the editorial office at address File name of the article must contain family of author (or the first co-author) of the article. At this stage the received articles undergo check for compliance with the formal requirements. In the case of successful check the article obtains the internal editorial number, and it is sent for reviewing. The editorial office person will get in contact with you within 2 — 3 working days for clarification of details.

5. Reviewing

Reviewing article in the editorial office requires some time. The article is reviewed by members of the editorial staff. When necessary, the editorial board sends the article to expert on the concerned subject. Upon completion of reviewing the editorial board informs the its result to the author. If during reviewing article any questions, comments, clarifications or corrections were formed, the editorial board is connected with the author to discuss the rework of article. We ask you to keep in touch and regularly to check your e-mail.

6. Payment of publication

If your article has passed peer review and accepted for publication — please pay the editorial services. From a member of the editorial office you will obtain an e-mail with the relevant instructions.

7. Published article

Congratulations! Your article is published.